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evening extremes.

yesterday, life was wonderful:

a lady aka crazy bitch called me "the most rude person [she'd] ever met" (i highly doubt that.  juxtapose this with the elderly mother and daughter couple who the former deemed me "a very nice gal" with "nice manners", just a few days prior. zing! take that crazy bitch.)

a man named lorenzo (from brazil originally, escaped from bakersfield and then juneau) stopped to help me patch up my first flat tire when i went riding with a friend.  i not only appreciated his helping hands but his sarcastic humor and background stories.  i needed all of that.

also, i miss my ma's phở.  socal vietnamese phở in general.  how cool would it be to eat phở in vietnam? this november? with my ma? big dreams, yes'm.

i need to get ready for today: art exhibit in sodo and then volunteering with the stamp out hunger food drive.  it's good-ish to be back, shout out to erica when/if you read this, i might actually post a real update later.  stay tuned kiddos.

mmm alas, i digress.  life was wonderful.  sure hope today holds the same truth.
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