the emo azn (jesusdchrist) wrote,
the emo azn


it hasn't been too difficult staying away from the internet this winter break, what with the constant company i am surrounded with. life seems to have slowed down a bit because of this but there certainly hasn't been a lack of events...

* a hardcore storm has torn through the bay area and lingered around for the past three days. yesterday was probably the worst of them all and we spent all day without power. stephie and i had plans to go into the city but ended up staying indoors because of the terrible weather conditions. we went out later to the cirque du soleil kooza show, and it still amazes me the way her dad managed to serendipitously obtain an extra ticket for me.
* the power eventually came back late this afternoon when stephie and i were headed for "ice skating", which actually turned out to be really dinky anyways with the small plastic piece-together-puzzle-parts. instead, we ventured off to explore an indie cafe + bookstore, after being trapped by a bitchy old hag in the lot around the "ice skating" pavilion and being yelled at by her insane neighbor.
* relations with him and then her. le sigh.
* marine interactions discussion analyses!
* both new years eve and the first day of the new year were amazing: great company, good times, tasty alcohol, board games, beautiful hike...yes, yes, yes.

more details and stuff to come, most likely after i return to tacoma, whenever that may be.
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